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Brand Identity service

Businesses need to manage closely, nourished and invest in their Brand Identity to turn it into a consistent reminder of the meaning of their brand.

The best brand identities are memorable, meaningful, differentiated and flexible. They increase brand awareness and build businesses day by day. Through repeated exposure, brand symbols become recognisable and brand colours become evocative.

What is a Brand Identity

Brand Identity is everything your brand uses to support, express and visualise itself. It appeals to the senses using visual and verbal expression. You can: See it, touch it, hold it and hear it and even scent it.


It triggers perceptions and unravels brand associations, starting with a brand name and a logo and building up into a versatile toolbox for brand communication.

Our Brand Platform service includes:

The name that represents what a brand stands for.

Your brand's messenger.

A short phrase that communicates your brand's positioning.

Your brand's mantra.

The mark that represents someone’s perceptions about your brand.

Your brand's face.

A proprietary set of visual assets that accompany your logo.

Your brand's body.

A container that provides protection, delivery and marketing real estate.

Your advert on the shelf.

Standards and rules on how to use of your brand identity.

Your brand's consistency.

Our Brand Identity Service Scope

A diagram of Brandian's bbrand identity service scope

Signs that your business needs brand identity experts

Advantages of investing in your Brand Identity

We have a sound plan for your branding

We know what needs to be done and how to do it.

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