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Brand Messaging service

When a brand talks, it reveals many things about its personality, essence and unique selling proposition. But more importantly, it creates a reaction on the side that is listening (clients, consumers, suppliers, partners, etc.), judging the brand by the words they hear, or read.

We will help you define your Brand Messaging framework, that is, how your brand should convey its beliefs, values, promise and uniqueness when speaking to its audience.

What is Brand Messaging?   

In a nutshell, Brand Messaging consists in establishing how a brand will communicate its unique selling proposition, brand essence and its core message to its audience.

We achieve this by specifying a brand voice, language, and even building an story that will exemplifies what your brand stands for.


Our Brand Messaging service includes:

Core Message

The brand's master thought and big idea, strongly linked with its personality and brand platform.

Your brand's strategic sense

Brand Story

An intriguing and emotional narrative that clarifies what the brand wants to be known for in a human-level.

Your brand's signature tale.

Brand Voice

How your brand speaks and adapt its voice to do so in different circumstances without shifting its personality.

Your brand's tone of voice.

Brand Language

A consistent style of language across your brand communications, marketing materials, customer services, etc.

Your brand's choice of words.


A set of rules and tips on how your brand speaks and regulates its personality when communicating.

Your brand's voice rules.

Our Brand Messaging Service Scope

A diagram of Brandian's brand messaging service scope

Advantages of having a Brand Messaging Framework   

We have a sound plan for your branding

We know what needs to be done and how to do it.

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