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Branding service

It's known that average consumers are exposed to at least 5,000 brand messages in a given day. This is why businesses need to attract customers and consumers by connecting with them.

They achieve this by building brands.

What is branding?

A brand is so much more than a logo, a brand is:

A sign

of expertise, credibility and vision.

A promise

of a meaningful experience.

A bond

between an organisation and its audience

An asset

that adds financial value to an organisation.

Branding is a process that allows an organisation to shape how it is perceived by its prospects, customers and even employees. So, when we are building a brand, we actually are building a mindset on our audiences.

Creating the Brand Platform and designing the Brand Identity is only the beginning of an ongoing journey towards positioning the brand correctly in the mind of the audience.

Branding Agency London Brandian branding is about shaping perceptions

Shaping perceptions across the touchpoints

  1. First, your brand needs a Brand Platform (all the strategy behind to build upon).

  2. Then, and only then, a Brand Identity can be designed, as it must reflect the strategy established in the Brand Platform.

  3. A Brand Messaging framework helps your brand to convey its personality and Unique Selling Proposition to its audience, while showing its Brand Identity consistently across all the touchpoints available.

  4. Once the business has grown to have multiple product lines or services or even multiple brands to serve different markets a Brand Portfolio Strategy will help to maintain relevance, differentiation, energy and clarity.

A diagram of the branding's process

Advantages of investing in branding   

Branding Agency London Brandian branding services

Introducing Brandian

Future awaits

Here at Brandian, we are the luckiest people in the world as everyday we get the chance to set FMCG brands on a path to reach their most bright future.  

We have a sound plan for your branding

We know what needs to be done and how to do it.

Our services are built as structures that leverage brands using solid methodology.

Our projects are managed using digital tools and communication is seamless.

We'll work relentlessly to turn your brand into a beloved part of people's lives.

Book a Free Exploration Session

Experience first-hand what is like to work with us during a 45-minute free session. You will get a fresh perspective on your branding from a specialist, without any long-term commitments.

With Brandian you will be: 

  • In the hands of experts 

  • Inspired by a visionary branding partner

  • Empowered by your brand evolution

  • On track to achieve great things

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