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Naming service

Some business put their hopes in a brand name generator without realising that naming a brand It's a process guided by intensive creative and strategic thinking.

We'll come up with meaningful, memorable, future-oriented brand name ideas. We'll stick to a rigorous and exhaustive process, where we'll use a number of techniques to assess the effectiveness of the name and its connotation within the markets served.

What is brand naming? 

Brand naming is a thorough creative process in which a set of tools and techniques are used to come up with a name that represents a brand's essence and can play as its messenger. A name is a valuable asset for a business and directly affects brand perception and financial success.

Our Brand Name Creation Process

A diagram of Brandian's brand name creation process

Advantages of professional brand naming 

We have a sound plan for your branding

We know what needs to be done and how to do it.

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