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Brandian Partner Programme

We offer independent professionals, agencies, printers and manufacturers the opportunity to earn commission through a progressive model for referring effective clients who will benefit from our mission.

Together, we'll build strong brands filled with deep meaning so that they can transcend time, evolve with the world and occupy a beloved meaningful place in people’s lives.

Signs that your referees need our Branding Bundles

We offer our partners 

Attractive commission model

Commission tiers based on the amount of effective clients you’ve driven to us.


Easy client onboarding

You’ll receive marketing material to help you entice your referees.


Monthly commission payouts

Monthly payments for commission earned in the previous month.

We offer your referees 

  • Payment plan to spread the investment over a whole year


  • Unlimited revisions, support and advice for 12 months


  • Implementation supervision for 12 months


  • Client discount on all subsequent projects


  • Access to Client Portal


  • Access to project management software

Branding Bundles for your referees

*Average prices   |   VAT not inclusive   | ​  Upfront payment + 12 monthly payments


*Average prices   |   VAT not inclusive   | ​  12 monthly payments

 Partner Programme commission model

Unlock an additional revenue stream

The more clients you refer the larger your commission will be. 

When a company you referred buys their first Branding Bundle and pays the first invoice of their payment plan, you will be earning commission on the total value of that project*

*(VAT not inclusive)

A diagram explaning the commission model, 5% for 1 to 3 referees, 7% for 4 to 9 referees, 5% for more than 10 referees

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Learn about our services and the value they will bring to your referrals.

Leverage the tools we offer to uncover new opportunities and close deals.

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