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Health & Wellness
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Bkome was founded in 2020 in Perpignan, France, envisioned as a comprehensive wellness centre for women to connect, discover their true selves, and unlock their potential.


The client had plenty of information about the industry, the business vision and the target’s needs, however they were having trouble getting all the pieces together to come up with a consolidated, relevant and appealing offer that resonated with two distinct audiences: final consumers, and expert health & wellbeing consultants.


We created a visually striking brand identity including: brand platform, naming, logo, visual system and even a website that appealed to the brands target audiences.   The founder's vision was accurately interpreted and communicated, a space offering a path to learning and self-discovering on both personal and professional level, allowing its members to achieve inner peace and happiness.  The project resulted in    rapid organic business growth; 105 members and numerous experts within the first three months after the launch.

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